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The display graphics are nothing else but the graphic images used for illustration or presentation purpose. They are generally printed on a paper, vinyl or fabric using a large format printing machine. Usually these display graphics are extra ordinary sized graphics printed on a paper or any other material and then mounted or hung on a display unit or stand in a noticeable place. These graphics can be used in vinyl banners, trade show displays, backdrops for meeting, press conferences and other special events for promotion and presentation of the company. Multiple units of display design items are required when a company has number of sales outlets or franchises; in that case the producer will produce a number of units such as posters, hoardings, display stands, banners stands or vinyl banners. So the company gets a lot of graphics to mount for any promotional campaign or exhibition. For trade shows and exhibitions, large format print provides the graphic designs for the display which are very important things and determining factor between a successful sales result and a terrible one.

While imagining the scenario at the trade exhibition, you are one of the many booths in a large hall. The hall is very crowded and extremely noisy, but you still want the visitors to get attracted to your stall. This would be major risk to your business due to the distractions and competitors there. But the only thing that would attract the customers would be the display graphics. When a potential customer walks around your booth, you just have 3-4 seconds to please him and attract his attention midst of noise, crowd, interruptions and competitors. The trade show display will going to be a biggest impression for the visitors to get attracted towards your booth and company.

The trade show display should be attention grabbing as well as compelling to attract the potential customers. You can use booth signs, displays, retractable banners, and other visible items. You need to pay attention towards the colors used, design employed, the lighting effect and sound effect etc. they can be used in both indoor as well as outdoor display purposes, the indoor products are usually set up in trade shows, retail markets, malls, conferences whereas outdoor products can be for window graphics, large posters, streetscape banners etc.

Customized Trade show graphics

by large format print

The display graphics can completely transform the exhibition stand; large format print provides you total display support with the best quality artwork and portable stands for your event or exhibition. We produce attention grabbing graphics for the display stands. Our in-house print department uses latest print technology to provide you great color range, depth of color and high resolution graphics. Our expert designers know all the latest tools and techniques to create creative and unique graphics for exhibitions and other promotional events. There are numerous ways to create trade show display graphics. We create them with the combination of high-quality paper and laminate it to make it last for a longer time. These graphics can be printed on different materials according to the requirements and needs of the advertising company. The material for display graphics could be vinyl, mesh, PVC or any other fabric that can last for a long time.

You can find various competitors at trade shows; you should have something different and attractive to grab the attention of the crowd towards your booth. The designers at large format print offer customized display solution whether you want to launch new products or promote the existing one. Stands having different display graphics with colorful pictures and eye-catching text can make your booth stand out at the trade show. The display stands can be transported easily with the help of the carrying bag, which is provided with the stand. This prolongs the life of the exhibition stand. Folding stands can be made up of long-lasting materials like PVC or steel. These advertising medium is cost-effective and conveys the message in a professional manner.

One of the best parts of using these displays is that these include text and images both. The images can speak a thousand words than that of the text. The text may not be understood by the illiterate people, but graphics can convey the message to them as well. The designers at large format print create effective and innovative display graphics to communicate with the target audience efficiently. Also, these graphics can be printed in any format like gif, jpeg, png, etc. Multiple display graphics can be used to create animated displays, the main role is performed by the graphics only.

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