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Giclee is the word originated from French language which means to squirt or to spray. It is a process of making fine art prints with the help of inkjet printers. The Giclee print is name applied to the fine art prints created on iris printers. It is not same as that of normal printer; it is much larger in size, over a meter wide. Large format print provides Giclee prints which are often used in galleries and print shops. The inks used in printing them are not the ordinary printer inks; they are specials light-fast inks, which lasts for around 25 years if kept out of the sun. The prints can be produced on any paper as per the choice of the clients; the printers have several specific ones to choose from. The choice can be made to be printed on canvas; the Giclee print can be as close as possible to the originals. They are more durable than paper as they do not wrinkle when rolled for mailing.

An advantage of Giclee print is that, one can order as many or as few print as they want after the scanning is done. Of course, there is a minimum order of one meter. We charge them by meters as canvas is very expensive. One should prefer Giclee print rather than the original artwork because of their cost. The Giclee print are the scanned prints created on canvas, which look exactly the same and are easy to buy. It is just like creating a new song, but you don’t sell the song in the market, you sell the records. Thousands of copies can be made from the original track without compromising on the quality of the prints. For example, if we talk about the Mona Lisa paintings, the originals are now displayed at Grande Gallery of the Louvre museum in Paris. Here you can find numerous copies of these painting in the market. This is possible through Giclee print and other printing technologies. These fine art prints are found in museums. The gallery owners sell them with the name of original paintings and charge as high as that of the original ones. As the look and feel of these prints is exactly the same as that of the original ones, one cannot differentiate between the two.

The Giclee print are produced through high quality ink-jet printer that can even last for 100 years under glass. Large format print uses such printing system to help the customers by providing the best quality Giclee print displays. We use finest photographic paper for creating high-resolution print. This medium is generally used by the artists for mass-production of the original artworks and sold at realistic prices. We offer that such type of printing along with other forms of advertising like display banners, posters, hoardings and other display solutions for exhibitions and trade shows.

Advantages of Giclee prints

  • The prints are generated on very high-resolution with great quality inks.
  • These are fine art prints that give better color accuracy than any other print material.
  • These are detailed print created from 8-12 color inkjet printers. These modern technology printers are mainly used by digital photographers.
  • The artists can reproduce their art work with this medium at minimal prices.
  • One can create unlimited prints through specialized inkjet printers.
  • Quality of the Giclee prints is the same as that of the original art work.
  • The detailed graphics can be created in any size you want.
  • This is modern way to create high quality prints that are mainly used as displays in art-galleries, museums and exhibitions.
  • The inks used to create such prints are pigment inks; they last for a long time and are water-resistant too.

The designers at Large format print have experience in dealing with the artists and photographers, we understand their printing needs and marketing tactics to create successful events. The Giclee prints are the best medium of reproducing the original artwork to sell in the market. Our designers and Giclee print developers are here to advice you for your printing requirements and financial well-being to hit success for your event. Large format print makes every effort to stay on top of changing technology and latest techniques. We are here to assist you at every step of marketing with huge experience in dealing with all the aspects of reproducing the art works.

Feel free to contact us, our dedicated staff of designing and developing Giclee print can deliver you cutting-edge services to help your business.

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