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The franchising companies and local big merchandisers who make their business to build their brand name by taking advantage from stickers as a cheap and smart marketing material. You can add additional marketing and media promotion through sticker printing. This medium is tried and tested by thousands of businesses. Large format print offers decorative and functional printing materials including posters, stickers, flyers, brochures and a lot more. The stickers can be adhered anywhere like on car bumpers, windshields, refrigerators, walls and any other imaginable place. They need to be designed accordingly as per the place they have to be held.

Sticker printing is required for the businesses, as they are versatile and can be used in many ways. They do not need any accessory. You just have to strip off the backing and place it on any surface, whether it is cement, wood, wall, steel etc. It can go far away and reach to as much audience you want. Stickers can go anywhere, in any corner. They acts as a brand label, peel off business cards, advertising material and even poster, as it can be available in different range of shapes and sizes. To make the stickers stand out from your competitors, you need to use and design with slogans, political messages, inspirational quotes etc. large format print provides plenty of choices, customizable features, different combinations and other solutions to make the sticker printing functional.

The stickers can be made up of different material like vinyl or paper, the paper made are popular and can come up with UV coating if required. The one we design are printing friendly and durable, our stickers give striking appearance with an ultra luster finish. They are generally used to increase consumer awareness and explore a bright colored and funny attitude to the promotions and campaigns. There are several uses of sticker printing to strengthen your identity in the market.

Benefits of using stickers for promoting products & services in the market:
  • These stickers can be used for various purposes like promoting a product, hiding the dents on the cars, to convey the business idea and for a particular cause. People use a wide range of promotional campaigns to create awareness about the brand. A small, classy and innovative sticker can speak thousand words to the audiences. It can initiate the word of mouth among the potential customers.
  • Mostly children get attracted to the stickers, they use stickers with different graphics printed on them for their notebook, bags, almirahs, etc. Kids like sticker printing to decorate their things with colorful graphics.
  • The stickers are best used for promoting the products and services of the company. Custom sticker printing can serve the purpose of advertising in the market.
  • The stickers are very small, thus these can reach to far places where other materials cannot reach.
  • The sticker printing materials can be distributed in the target audience to check their interest in your brand. It is not much costly than the other promotional materials.
  • The adhesives in the stickers can stick to anyplace with ease, to create remembrance in the mind of the visitors.
  • Large format print offers customized sticker printing for any size and shape suiting the business and its requirements.
  • These are not just stickers; these can solve the purpose of labels, visiting cards, tags, badges, souvenirs for the client’s business.
  • The stickers can be of different types and fabrics like vinyl, paper and cloth. The color is the element that matters a lot to create long-lasting impression in the mind of the viewers. We print them through inkjet printers or digital printing machines to add a professional touch to our advertisements.
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